Hey everyone! "Sneak" is a new racoon stylized character I made for my classes. Made with ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot (tried some render with environment). Also tried different NPR renders with new ZBrush 2019! :D
Inspired by the awesome concept by Luigi Lucarelli :) Hope you like ;)
Love <3

Chris rena sneak environment render

Sneak (Keyshot render with environment)

Chris rena sneak keyshot render01

Sneak (Keyshot render 01)

Chris rena sneak keyshot render03

Sneak (Keyshot render 02)

Chris rena sneak zbrush screenshot

ZBrush screenshot

Chris rena sneak line art02

ZBrush 2019 NPR render (Line Art)

Chris rena sneak comic tones

ZBrush 2019 NPR render (Comic tones)

Chris rena sneak flat paint effect

ZBrush 2019 NPR render (Flat paint effect)

Chris rena sneak illustration flatcolors

ZBrush 2019 NPR render (Illustration flat colors)