ZBrush 2019 Render Test

Hi everyone!
Testing ZBrush 2019 new Non-Photorealistic render with some of my characters... I love it!!:D
Hope you like too ;)
Love <3

Chris rena teenager girl flatillustration

Teenager girl (flat color illustration)

Chris rena witch chromaticaberration

Witch (Chromatic aberration)

Chris rena rose flatillustration

Rose (flat color illustration)

Chris rena teenager girl comic brown lines

Teenager girl (Comic brown lines)

Chris rena melinda pencil

Melinda (pencil on paper)

Chris rena harley irene
Chris rena harley irene comictone

Baby Harley Quinn & Sister Irene (Comic Tones)

Chris rena babsgordon flatillustration

Barbara Gordon (Flat Color illustration)

Chris rena captainmarvel comictones

Captain Marvel (Comic tones)

Chris rena rose inksketch

Rose (Pencil ink paper)

Chris rena blue hair childrensbook

Blue Hair boy (childrens book)

Chris rena mavis childrensbook

Mavis (Childrens book)

Chris rena coffee flatcolorillus

Rose (Flat color illustration)

Chris rena ladybug sketch

Miraculous Ladybug

Chris rena coffee comictones

Rose (Comic tones)

Chris rena dracula flatillustration

Dracula (Flat color illustration)

Chris rena captainmarvel flatcolorillustration