New 'Melinda' stylized character. Started with my students for my ZBrush classes. Made with ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot.
Original concept by Christopher Ables. Hope you'll like :)
Love <3

Chris rena melinda 2 1

'Melinda' final Keyshot render

Chris rena melinda 2 2

'Melinda' final Keyshot render, Camera#2

Chris rena melinda 2 3

'Melinda' final Keyshot render, close up

Chris rena melinda 2 4

'Melinda' final Keyshot render, Camera#4

Chris rena zbrush render

ZBrush BPR Render

Chris rena zbrush screenshot

Zbrush screenshot

Chris rena christopher ables melinda concept final

Original concept by Christopher Ables :) <3